Al abrigo del Altísimo

Al abrigo del Altísimo

ISBN: 9780881137484


In this new book, Cynthia Heald takes women deep into the Word to explore God's relentless, passionate pursuit of those He Loves. She begins with God's question to Adam and Eve, "Where are you?" and ends with Jesus offer, "I stand at the door and knock." In between she leads her readers into listening and responding to the words with which God earnestly seeks the hearts of His loved ones. With strong Bible teaching, compelling insights, and personal stories, Cynthia helps women understand that these words are evidence of the Lord's great love -- designed to lead them out of the trees into freedom, out of guilt into forgiveness, out of darkness into His light. Features: Author uses strong biblical teachings and personal stories to guide the reader into a deeper amd more intimate relationship with God.

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